Accessibility regulations mean public sector organisations have a legal duty to make sure their websites and mobile applications meet accessibility requirements.

Public sector websites must now be accessible and publish an accessibility statement.

Mobile apps need to meet the regulations by 23 June 2021.

What public sector bodies need to do

The accessibility regulations aim to help make sure online public services are accessible to all users, including disabled people.

There are four steps you should take now to make sure your online services are accessible.

Further Resources

Here are some helpful resources on the key parts of making your website accessible:

Making documents accessible

It is important that all PDFs and documents that are on a website are meaningful and useful. There is updated guidance on how to publish accessible documents  that meet the needs of all users under the accessibility regulations and a short webinar on how to make PDFs accessible.

Engaging your colleagues on accessibility

This webinar offers advice on how to make accessibility accessible by engaging your workforce. GDS has added more resources and practical guidance to the Government Communication Service website to empower your teams to create and publish accessible content to multiple channels, including social media.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Webinars

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day in May, GDS hosted a series of webinars with expert speakers on a range of topics including avoiding common accessibility fails and how to carry out basic accessibility checks. All of the other GAAD webinars can be found on YouTube.

You can find more information about the accessibility regulations on GOV.UK.